Dr Brian Cook, DC ART

Doctor of Chiropractic
Active Release Techniques (ART) Provider
Mobile Chiropractic Services for the San Francisco Bay Area
p: (650) 483-8730
e: dr.briancook@gmail.com

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Dr Brian Cook, DC ART

About Brian

Dr. Brian Cook is a board certified chiropractor with advanced training in a soft tissue technique called Active Release Techniques®. He received his undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from University of California, Davis and ...

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What is ART®

Dr. Cook’s unique approach to care combines chiropractic adjustments with Active Release Techniques® (ART), focused on soft tissue healing. ART® is a patented soft tissue technique used to address injury to the muscles, tendons...

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Cook Family

Healthy Lifestyle

In addition to helping people feel and preform at their best, Dr. Cook has a wonderful wife and two great kids. He enjoys an active lifestyle, including running, stand up paddleboarding, cycling, triathlon, snowboarding, and being a dad.

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